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Principles of Materialism

Status: in progress

Synopsis: This book is the sequel to Pneumatology of Matter. It contains the synthetic complement to the analysis provided in the first book, thereby completing the author’s application of Newtonian analysis and synthesis to philosophy. More specifically, this book develops a materialist metaphysic that nevertheless resembles idealism in certain fundamental respects. Some of the results of this development are anticipated in the Pneumatology‘s final chapter—which, however, constitutes only a preliminary excursion into the synthetical. For not only does this chapter not anticipate all of the results of the present book—and in regard to those results that it does anticipate, it does not treat them thoroughly—it also does not provide a systematic treatment. Instead, it goes about its discussion of freewill and intelligence, good and evil, value and being in a somewhat haphazard way. In the present work, by contrast, everything is thoroughly systematized, so that even the character and order of the work’s divisions are guided by the principles of the metaphysic under development. The work begins by discussing the viabilty and role of systematic philosophy in the present skeptical age.

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